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Let us handle the cooking for your event

Whether you are planning a birthday party, a corporate meeting, or a wedding, the food you choose to serve is a vital element of creating an enjoyable, memorable event. Let us take the pressure off of you by providing exceptional catering tailored to your event and your guests.  

If you are considering us for your catering, feel free to visit us to try our food, enjoy drink SPECIALS, and relax with the game so you can make the right decision for your event.

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catering services.


Are you planning an event?

Planning a party, gathering, meeting, or another event is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Managing all of the details can become overwhelming, particularly when you get to the major decisions, such as what you are going to feed your guests.


Whether you are planning a small gathering of friends for the big game or a large party, our catering offers delicious, satisfying food ideal for any situation.

Enjoy the convenience

A buffet is a stress-free way to ensure your guests enjoy as much as they would like without having to manage servers and plating.


Not only does these savory offerings bring convenience to everyone at the event, it also lowers the cost of your catering. Let us create the perfect buffet for your event so that you can rest assured your guests will leave satisfied.

Relax and enjoy your event by letting us take care of the cooking.

Satisfy even the biggest appetites with a catering menu designed for your event.

Create your custom menu

It is important that the meal options you offer your guests match the theme and tone of your event, as well as the number of guests you have invited.


Work with us to put together the perfect catering menu for your event featuring everything from prime rib to pizza. Impress your guests with luxurious dishes or satisfy the crowd with delectable slices to ensure an event that leaves everyone happy.

Let us bring your favorites right to you and enhance your event deliciously.

Find out more about us

The community has shown us so much loyalty and business we couldn't fit all of our dedication and fun into one location. Visit Arch Pizza to find out more about where our tradition began.


Let us be your venue

If you have not yet chosen a venue for your event, consider hosting it with us. Welcome your guests into an inviting, comfortable atmosphere—plus get to enjoy games and friendly service throughout your gathering.

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